The Introduction Of DaLian WuShu Culture Museum

Dalian Wushu Culture Museumwas founded in Dalian, China and officially opened to the public on November 1,2014. More than 14,000 square meters of magnificent buildings, dominatingDalian coastal scenic center Zhongxia road, adjacent to the Fujiazhuangseashore entertainment convalescence area, the museum has become a dazzlingpearl of Baiyunyan waterside. As a nonprofit museum under Dalian Bureau ofCulture, Radio and Television, it has attracted a steady stream of domestic andforeign martial arts enthusiasts and touristssince its opening. Dalian Wushu Culture Museum hasranked among the world professional museums with unique charm.

Dalian Wushu Culture Museum is currently the largestChinese martial arts theme museum with most complete functions, integrating collectionexhibitions, martial arts performances, martial arts elite training and internationalacademic exchanges and cooperation. The whole museum consist of threeperformances core functional areas: collectionexhibition hall, performance hall and training center.Its basic display adopts the art forms of perfect fusion of painting andsculpture, so that it can exhibit Chinese martial arts history and culture inan all-round way and highlight the development situations of various boxingmartial arts popular in Dalian, schools, inheritance and martial arts groups.The museum is a good place for the public to explore the development context ofmartial arts in Southern Liaoning and feel the essence of Chinese martial artsculture.

The establishment of Dalian Wushu Culture Museum hasgreat strategic importance to promote traditional culture of self-reliance and unyielding spirit and enhance the understandingof the Chinese nation's precious historical and cultural treasures.

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Wukui PlaqueIn the ancient imperial examination in China, those who passed martial arts exams were called "Wukui." To praise those win honor for local government, some local officials often write Wukui by themselves and made it into a plaque hanging on the gate of winners.Martial arts exam system began in the Tang Dynasty. In the year of Empress Wu Etian Chang’an II (700), "Inform all states to teach martial arts." Every year the Ministry of War will hold a national warrior exam and granted military posts for passers. Since then, martial arts exam was inherited by ancient dynasties and became an important part of the imperial examination system until at the end of Qing Dynasty. According to historical records, in the Qing Dynasty imperial examination, many people from Dalian region passed martial arts exams.